MommaMakes was created by Aimee (me) and my partner Scott!

After having our little girl, we obviously got given a million pink items, but we both loved her in neutral and basic prints for her to wear occasionally. I decided to start sewing handmade accessories in our dining room and found  Instagram and Facebook  might just be a great way to join the creation of a small business and big interest in fashion without having to pay rent on a physical shop.

Within six short months we were self employed and building our own little family focused brand we could try to work around our little girl (it’s got a lot harder now she is a toddler!) Its exhausting being a parent and time just seems to fly by so we aim to bring you the best clothes for adventuring in, with the minimum of fuss. We want to see you and your families enjoy wearing our items, have you seen our new collections for parents?

We love gender neutral clothes so the majority of products you’ll find (barring the obvious) will look amazing on both boys, girls and of course, the rest of the family too!


The Mommamakes team!

The Mommamakes team!